Live Sound Mixing


This industry focussed program is suitable for aspiring sound technicians who intend to pursue live sound mixing, professionally. In addition to mixing contemporary popular music culture, you will also learn to specifically work with regional musical cultures such as Carnatic and “light” music, with a view to developing your knowledge as well as your adaptability. Further to learning the fundamentals of aural physics, you will learn how to work with contemporary sound technologies from a creative perspective, which will allow you to develop your technical skills as well as career prospects. You will study at our dedicated campus that provides a rich creative environment and plenty of chances to gain experience across complementary disciplines. For a broader understanding of industry and the workplace, you will collaborate with your fellow students in setting up, sound testing, problem solving and research. This approach will bring together a wholesome perspective to live sound production.

What You Will Study

As well as practical field projects and tuition, you will learn about live sound mixing from multiple perspectives. You will explore physics of sound, physiology of human hearing, audio Capture technologies, instrument specific microphone techniques, controlled and uncontrolled listening environments, various analog and digital sound technologies and multimedia channel audio recording. For detailed course structure and deliverables, please contact us at 0091 8939604959.

Study Modules

Spatial Acoustics

Audio capture

Digital signal processing

How You Will Study

The live sound mixing program is taught in a variety of ways, including practical sessions at live gigs, studio tutorials, seminars and lectures. In the first three months, you will also get individual tuition to develop your practical music skills, building to one or more creative tangibles. In your final month, you can specialize with a creative or industry-focused major project and a dissertation on an area that is of interest to you.

Possible Career Options

By the time you graduate, you will have the skills for a wide range of careers in the music, media, academic and entertainment industries, including performance, creation, administration, production and studio work.

Essential Details

Program Duration: Six months

Study mode: Part time (10 hours per week)

Award: Professional Certificate (currently awarded privately by SIFM)

Fee: INR 100000/- (Rupees One Lakh only)