Our Ideology

Creative music practice in one of India's film music industries entails understanding and implementing idiosyncrasies that are derived from local socio-cultural realities. Such peculiarities mediate the synthesised application of plural music theories and creative use of modern music and sound technologies. While there exist many opportunities to study various forms of music and/ or the use of modern music technologies, options to learn the semiotics of popular Indian film music along with musical and technical skills are practically non existent. Moreover, Indian film music's dominant role as the region's popular music, its eclectic musical makeup, growing global outreach and the compounding interest amongst young aspirants point towards a need to create more awareness on the intricacies of composing and producing Indian film music. This ideology has led to the founding of the School of Indian film music that offers courses that are directly related to professional music practice in Indian film industries.

Our Story

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Divakar Subramaniam

Founder & Director

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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