Student Guidelines

  • Students are expected to attend all classes. Classes will not be compensated.
  • Assignments should be submitted on time.
  • Requests for booking SIFM spaces (for completing practical tasks) should be submitted a minimum of 24 hours in advance via email. Bookings are confirmed only after student receives email confirmation. Bookings subject to availability.
  • Students are responsible for all hardware and software when they utilise SIFM spaces. Any damages will be recovered from the student in full.
  • Student progress meetings will be held once a quarter. This meeting, is in addition to regular feedback on submitted assignments.
  • Wearing shorts and sleeveless T-shirts are prohibited.
  • Fee instalments are to be paid on or before due date. A fine of Rs.100/- per day will be levied for late payment. After 15 days, student's name will be stuck of the rolls and they will have to re-register into the course in order to continue. Re-registration fee of Rs. 5000/- is applicable and this will be solely at the discretion of the management.
  • Students are expected to actively participate in SIFM events.